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PCR Kostenpflichtig

Price: €59.00

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Ergebnis nach 24 Stunden abrufbar. Terminvereinbarung und Bestätigung muss telefonisch erfolgen. Eine Registrierung vorab für den PCR Test ist erforderlich unter dem Button "Jetzt Registrieren". Termin gilt nur bei telefonischer Vereinbarung, nach Registrierung, als vereinbart.

Price: €0.00

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kostenpflichtiger Schnelltest

Im Falle einer Testung, die nicht unter § 4a der Bundestestverordnung faellt.

Price: €9.50

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kostenfreier Schnelltest

- Personen, welche Sozialhilfe erhalten - Pflegepersonen i.S.d. § 19 S.1 des XI. SGB - Termin beim Arzt/Krankenhaus/medizinische Einrichtung - Besuch im Altersheim

Price: €0.00

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famila Stockelsdorf (Nähe Lübeck)

Ravensbusch 8
23617 Stockelsdorf

Verfügbare Test-Typen:

  • PCR-Test KVSH
  • PCR Kostenpflichtig
  • kostenpflichtiger Schnelltest
  • kostenfreier Schnelltest

famila Bad Segeberg

Eutiner Straße 45
23795 Bad Segeberg

Verfügbare Test-Typen:

  • kostenpflichtiger Schnelltest
  • kostenfreier Schnelltest

Fraseplatz Ahrensbök

23623 Ahrensbök

Verfügbare Test-Typen:

  • PCR-Test KVSH
  • PCR Kostenpflichtig
  • kostenpflichtiger Schnelltest
  • kostenfreier Schnelltest

4 steps to your free personal Corona test

Attention: Please make sure to book your appointment online before visiting the test centre!

Eligible for free testing are "vulnerable populations":

  • People required to be tested to exit quarantine ("free testing")
  • Visitors and those treated or residents in inpatient or outpatient care and health facilities
  • Carers
  • Beneficiaries who employ people within the framework of a personal budget according to § 29 SGB IX, as well as people who are employed by beneficiaries within the framework of a personal budget

Citizens receive do not receive a citizen test for a 3 euro anymore.

If you cannot show any of the above reasons, you will have to pay for the rapid test regularly.

You can find the test regulation here in the Federal Gazette.


Step 1: Create profile

By creating a personal profile, you enable us to optimise the processes in the test centre and thus reduce waiting times. You can also add more people to your account so that you can, for example, receive your children's results online without having your own email address.

Your test results are available for you to view online and can also be easily shown when visiting a nursing home, hospital or restaurant, for example.

Step 2: Select test centre & book appointment

Log in to your account and register for the Corona test at one of our test centers. If you have other people registered in your account, please note that you will also need to book an appointment for them.

Step 3: Test on site at the test center

You have booked your appointment? Then please come to the test center on time for the booked appointment. All you need to bring with you is your QR code from the appointment confirmation email and an ID document for identity verification.

The corona test is carried out on site by trained staff.

Step 4: Digital test result

Transfer to the Corona Warn App

After the test, you do not have to wait on site. You will receive your digital test result automatically by e-mail after about 15 minutes. If you wish, you will of course receive an official certificate printed out on site.

You can also transfer your rapid test result to the Corona warning app of the Robert Koch Institute.

EU COVID Digital Certificate

You can also obtain the EU's digital COVID certificate from us. This is recognised in all EU member states and contains a QR code with an electronic signature to protect against forgery. The QR code and signature are checked during the inspection.

Persons with negative test results in the format of the EU COVID digital certificate should be exempted from possible quarantine requirements unless they come from areas where the virus is highly prevalent.

Transfer to the luca app

Do you use the luca app? Then you can easily import the test certificate into the luca app.

Wherever you need to show your negative test results, this means you have them with you on your mobile phone.